Contracted Corporate Client - for companies that want to take control over travel booking and travel management.

We have developed an advanced and user-friendly online booking tool and management service that enables Contracted Corporate Clients to optimise business travel management across their entire company, have visibility of costs and gain control. We offer competitive fares, availability and reporting when buying travel-related services.

Benefits for Contracted Corporate Clients:

  • A fast and efficient online service for booking business travel 
  • Comprehensive and competitive content to support flights (including low-cost airlines), hotels and car hire worldwide
  • 24-hour customer service
  • Additional services to support all your business travel requirements e.g. text message booking updates, etc.
  • Own website address, logo and message billboard
  • Company and traveller profiles for faster booking
  • All reservations (including bookings made by telephone) available to view when you log in
  • Ability for travel arrangers to book for others (up to six people)
  • Payment by travel account or credit card
  • Customers' supplier agreements can be integrated
  • Comprehensive reporting and statistical analysis
  • Account management
  • Access to our additional services

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